My parents – my story

The Threads of DNA

When My Mother was dying my brother spoke to her about her wishes. My Dad had been a Navy Frogman in WWII and he died before a VA cemetery was built in our hometown. My youngest brother spoke to Mom about her final wishes – wanting to give her a say in things. He mentioned that we could have Dad disinterred and they both could go to the VA cemetery – she loved the idea and thought Dad would really appreciate that.

We began the process – of course the Cemetery had paperwork – complications, fees and more paperwork.

I had arrived the night before my Mom passed – went straight to the hospital from the airport – crossing paths on the freeway somewhere with my eldest brother who had also flown in. My youngest brother was who still lived in our hometown was exhausted because he was there – handling Mom failing while his own wife had fallen and was in the hospital one floor above Mom.

I have a third “brother-without-papers” we call him. Mom adopted him when we were all kids – he is older than my eldest brother – but as close as blood and spent his adult life having coffee with Mom.

more soon…