You are here maybe…

This is about grief and grieving.

I am sure everyone has at least a general concept of the stages of grief (by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)

    • Denial or Shock
    • Bargaining
    • Depression
    • Anger

    • Acceptance

What did not occur to me until last year was that we grieve our losses in many ways and we grieve many losses of many things other than people, or pets.

  • When I realized I was probably NEVER going to fit in “those” jeans again!
  • The “older” person that does not want to give up driving – this is a big deal!
  • I would say most anger and melodrama is about unrecognized or unresolved grief.
  • Then there is shame for grief or shame for fear.
  • When a person is told they are dying.
  • When a  person thinks they are dying and are told they are not (yet).
  • The loss of a freedom.
  • The loss of a job.
  • The loss of a loved one.
  • A time when you find yourself really truly not knowing what to do about, money, a career, a relationship, a car making weird noises…

What to do?

For most things:  Embrace it – get to know it – investigate it – OWN it – you cannot let go of something that is not there.

You cannot move beyond something you do not understand.
What can you do?
If that question has answers explore them.
If that question does NOT have answers.
Then explore within – what are you wanting most, what would you design for the best memory a year from now… past this moment.